Hi, I’m Kristyn

Hi everyone! 

My name is Kristyn. I am a twenty two year old Mass Communications major.

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I have a few small obsessions…


I am completely infatuated with makeup, and have been for about three years now. Almost two years ago (tear) I started my Youtube Channel. Youtube and social media is a great way for me to be able to express my love for beauty and fashion, and the best part is I meet amazing people along the way.


Fashion is something that is really starting to consume my life, in the best way possible. I like to shop smart and be environmentally conscious, so I have found a love for thrifting. You can find amazing deals at thrift shops like Goodwill and The Salvation Army. One trick that I have learned is to go to The Salvation Army on Wednesday’s, because that is half off day!


Boy oh boy, do I love beer! One of my favorite things to do these days is to go to breweries. I love them, I love the history behind them, and most importantly, I love the beer. My taste palette leans more towards porters and stouts, with my two favorites being Saugatuck Brewing Co.’s Maple Blueberry Stout and good old fashioned Guinness!

I hope to gain lots of knowledge about Mass Communications and writing while taking this course.

I absolutely love to meet new people, it brings me so much joy. I hope you will enjoy my blog, and if you ever want to chat, you know where to find me!







Love Ya Nola

noool.jpegNew Orleans: also known as Nola, the Big Easy, the Creole Cockpit, and even the Birthplace Of Jazz.  It is such a funny thing to people when I tell them that it is my favorite city in the world. Many people shoot my love for it down by saying comments like, “Why? It is such sh-t hole!”, and I have even gotten, “Yeah, New Orleans is great if you love to get shot.” Sure, New Orleans does have a high crime rate, but so do cities like New York, Atlanta, and even Los Angeles, and no one seems to have a problem with people loving those cities. With so much history, so many things to do, and even more things to see, it is no wonder that it is the city that my heart holds so dearly.

If you go to New Orleans, definitely do your best to stay in the French Quarter. This will really give you the whole ~vibe~ that you’re looking for when you go. The houses are BEAUTIFUL and they hold so much history behind each and every door. Bourbon Street, which is an open container allowing, partying 24/7, bead throwing, street that runs 13 blocks from Canal to Esplanade Avenue. You have to check out Bourbon and you definitely have to try a Hand Grenade. If you stroll even further through the quarter, you will find quite interesting homes that even famous people have owned. Madame Lalaurie’s infamous House Of Horrors mansion, which was once owned by Nicolas Cage, is located on the corner of Royal and Governor Nicholls Street. This mansion once was a torture chamber for African American slaves, it is an extremely terrible series of events that took place at this home, but I definitely recommend looking up the history of the home, or watching American Horror Story: Coven before you go. If you look it up you can totally find more terrifying and creepy homes/places in the French Quarter.

For restaurants you HAVE to eat at Joey K’s on Magazine Street. This restaurant is home of the ultimate comfort food, and is extremely reasonably priced. Of course you cannot forget to check out Cafe Du Monde, located right outside of the French Quarter. They are known for their beignets and coffee. Plus, it is a great location for photo ops!

New Orleans is that place that it does not matter how many times I go, I will always anticipate the next adventure to it. One day I would love to live there, even if it is just for a year. Let me know if you have ever been, and if you have not, GO!


My Favorite YouTubers!


YouTube basically consumes my life. I watch videos every morning, afternoon, and every single night before I go to bed. Even though I have a channel, I definitely like watching videos more than I like to film them. I have been an avid YouTube watcher for about four years now, so I have had more than enough time to come up with a list of a few of my favorites!

  • Tess Christine- Tess does it all. She posts fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel content. She has an amazing sense of style, she is SO pretty, and all around just a really sweet girl. One of the things I admire about her most is that even though she has over one million subscribers, she really has not changed at all and is extremely humble.
  • Sarah Gray- This 22 year old girl from the PNW (Pacific Northwest) resonates with me the most out of all of my favs. She posts beauty, fashion, and life advice videos, and I definitely feel like I relate to her SO much. She is extremely pretty, very open about her faults, and is genuinely someone who cares about other people. We also have the exact same music taste, so that is a plus!
  • Jessica Clements- Jess is a NYC based model who is obviously drop dead gorgeous. Like the other two YouTubers I mentioned, she focuses her channel on beauty, fashion, travel, and she even talks about her modeling experiences. What I love about Jess the most is how real she is. She is such an awkward human, and I love her so much for that because same!
  • Liv from LivLovesHerMakeup- Where do I even start with Liv? She is so unique. Her channel is solely beauty based, with a few random videos here and there. She very rarely edits anything out of her videos, and she often uses profanity, which does not bother me at all because she is so passionate about the things she speaks about. Her channel is quite refreshing because it is nothing like any other channel I watch. She is not afraid to speak her mind.
  • Bella Fiori- Bella focuses on many different categories on her channel, beauty and fashion included, but I love Bella because of her mystery series. Whether it be a story on a missing person, a bizarre murder, or anything in between, she always has a story that will keep you entertained the entire video. She is also very humble, which I always appreciate.

Let me know who are some of your favorite YoutTubers!


Trends That Need To Go

We all have those trends that we really never get on board with. Maybe they do not look great on you, maybe you tried them out and they did not work, maybe you flat out hate them, or maybe you were on board with these trends for so long that the ghost of trend past is coming back to haunt you. Disclaimer: if you still wear/do these trends, keep doing you! There is absolutely nothing wrong with these trends, just not my personal preference. Here are my top four trends I hope to see disappear in the near future:


  1. Slides- So many brands are coming out with slides, which are basically slip on sandals with one large band in the front. Fenty x Puma, Gucci, Nike, and Adidas are all examples of well known brands that have. I personally have never been on the same wavelength as this trend. I find slides to really make an outfit from looking nice to looking really sloppy and unflattering. Maybe it is the gym-esc vibe from these sandals, but either way it is a trend I hope to say adios to soon!rainbow.png
  2. Rainbow makeup (unicorn/mermaid themed)- Oh. My. Gosh. The beauty community is so oversaturated with these rainbow themed makeup collections. Rainbow highlighters, rainbow lipsticks, even a rainbow setting spray are some of the things these brands have created. I think rainbow makeup is cute, however extremely tacky. Too Faced just came out with a new collection of “festival” themed makeup… come on, it is 2018, we should have kissed rainbow makeup goodbye in 2017.dad shoes.jpg
  3. Dad shoes- I consider myself to be very open minded in the world of fashion. I myself wear some pretty strange things that some people do not love. However dad shoes…. Just no. This is a trend that I genuinely do not understand. They flat out look bad. Dad shoes have got to go!insta.jpg
  4. Instagram makeup- 2016 was the YEAR of Instagram makeup. It was a whole new look on makeup, where you would pile on layers on full coverage foundation, carve your brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow, and slap on one too many coats of liquid lipstick. I feel like times have changed, and these days less is more. Sure, the makeup is very pretty for occasion like prom, weddings, etc., but the days of it being an everyday things are gone. Natural makeup has made its way back into world, and I personally love this a lot more than a full beat face for everyday wear.

What are some trends you hope to see die out?


Facts On Facts On Facts… About Me!


I hate the feeling of chalk. I have to sleep with all of my doors closed. Yellow is my favorite color. I love to have my windows open in my apartment. My legs from my knees do not tan. I have a weird obsession with breakfast foods. I hate corndogs. I always have to sit facing a door when I am out. I love New Orleans (duh). I love buying new jewelry when I visit a new city. I have known my best friend Jade since I was in fifth grade. I hate going into the ocean. My closet is ALWAYS a disaster. I have a tiny, cute, red car. I love blue cheese. I could live off of hot Cheetos. I always have Chapstick with me. I love to solve mysteries. I have a huge fear of being in crowded places like clubs, concerts, etc (but I am trying to get over that fear). I constantly crave peanut sauce. On my boyfriend and I’s second date, I rapped Eminem’s Rap God to him, with no music in the background, it was… weird. I used to have a makeup buying addiction. I hate arguing, it freaks me out. I accidentally dyed my hair red the day before spring semester started. I get told I look like Anna Kendrick all the time. I am 22 years old. I have loved green tea iced lattes since I was 15, I remember thinking they were so good because they taste “earthy”. I am literally always listening to music. I get distracted really, REALLY easily. I drink one cup of coffee every morning, and sometimes one in the afternoon. I used to want to be a lawyer. I have also been told I look like Jenna Dewan Tatum (score!!!!). I have a brother and a sister. My nails, for the most part, are always painted. I had braces for two years. I saved a turtle that fell in my aunts pool, then kept him until he died about a year later, then me and my family had a funeral for him where we buried him in lettuce (his favorite food.) I have never seen Pitch Perfect.


Queer Eye For Kristyn



Growing up I have never really been into television or watching movies, I am not sure why, guess it is just not my thing. So, finding a show that I am genuinely interested in is super rare. Well, it is safe to say that I found my new favorite show! Queer Eye. Queer Eye is a reboot of a hit television show that was called “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, where five gay men would transform a straight man’s life in five different aspects: fashion, beauty, culture, home, and cooking. The spinoff does the exact same thing, except some of the men that they make over are gay. The spin off is, not to be dramatic or anything like that, probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. Bobby Berk handles the home renovation side of the show. He will literally transform your entire home into a masterpiece, and he really takes your style and preferences into consideration. Karamo Brown deals with the culture aspect of the show by really getting to know the client they are working with, and figure out what struggles they are having in life, and basically tries to relate to them. I personally love Kamaro, and you can pick up on some of his quirks, like when he has to smack your hand three times when giving a handshake. Antoni Porowski is all about culinary. Antoni is great at making simple, easy, and fresh dishes. My only gripe with Antoni is that I do not think he takes into consideration the dietary needs of the men. I mean he made a grown man make an avocado and grapefruit salad, which literally consisted of four avocado slices and four grapefruit slices. Come on, a man has gotta eat! Tan France is the most stylish guy you will ever (sort of) meet. He transforms the men’s wardrobes, and makes them feel so stylish. I LOVE him. Lastly, we have to talk about Jonathan Van Ness, aka my favorite cast member. He gives the men a new haircut, sometimes a beard cut, and even a skincare routine, whatever he feels the men need the most. Jonathan deals with the beauty part of the show. He is one hundred percent unapologetically himself, and I admire him for that. Unfortunately, I binge watched the entire season in three days and have re-watched the entire series twice, so now I am show-less! If you have 45 minutes out of your day to spare, I highly recommend you check out Queer Eye!


Hyperlocal News- A Foggy Future

When exploring numerous hyperlocal news sites, I could not help but notice the one common occurrence from each of them: they all seem to be struggling. With the lack of people willing to pay, to the simple reasoning that people would rather read nationalized news, hyperlocal news definitely seems to be making its very best effort to survive. This, to me, is extremely disheartening. My hometown has two localized news papers, and while I do know that there are a few people who read those regularly, it is not uncommon to find people still reading the Tampa Tribune, or simply watching CNN or Fox. Hyperlocal news is extremely beneficial, because so often big news stations or newspaper companies only cover news that they think the entire nation would be interested in hearing about, leaving out most local news. Hyperlocal news is also great because of the photos behind the news. You can really relate to the photos in many of the localized stories, simply because the stories are probably something that you have heard about and you may even know the people/places pictured. I truly hope hyperlocal news stays afloat, even if it means you pay $2 or $1 a week, you are helping a local business that helps you by sharing local news.

So Many Places, So Many Faces

For my photojournalism project I am considering doing something focused on faces. Almost like a “Faces of New York” kind of a thing, but with my own spin on it. Currently I am trying to book a last minute ticket to New Orleans. NOLA is my favorite place on Earth, I have an insane obsession with the city. If I end up going I DEFINITELY want to photograph random people on the streets and maybe find out what they are in the Big Easy for. I would ask if they live there, are they visiting and why, etc. If I do not do faces, I will probably just go around the town and photograph my favorite houses in the city, because let’s be real: they are BEAUTIFUL. However, with my usual luck and my broke gal budget, I probably will not end up going, so in that case I will either do the face thing, or maybe photograph different people in different areas of Tampa, to kind of showcase the vibes of each area.

Wooooo, I am excited!