Hi, I’m Kristyn

Hi everyone! 

My name is Kristyn. I am a twenty two year old Mass Communications major.

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I have a few small obsessions…


I am completely infatuated with makeup, and have been for about three years now. Almost two years ago (tear) I started my Youtube Channel. Youtube and social media is a great way for me to be able to express my love for beauty and fashion, and the best part is I meet amazing people along the way.


Fashion is something that is really starting to consume my life, in the best way possible. I like to shop smart and be environmentally conscious, so I have found a love for thrifting. You can find amazing deals at thrift shops like Goodwill and The Salvation Army. One trick that I have learned is to go to The Salvation Army on Wednesday’s, because that is half off day!


Boy oh boy, do I love beer! One of my favorite things to do these days is to go to breweries. I love them, I love the history behind them, and most importantly, I love the beer. My taste palette leans more towards porters and stouts, with my two favorites being Saugatuck Brewing Co.’s Maple Blueberry Stout and good old fashioned Guinness!

I hope to gain lots of knowledge about Mass Communications and writing while taking this course.

I absolutely love to meet new people, it brings me so much joy. I hope you will enjoy my blog, and if you ever want to chat, you know where to find me!







Serving 101


Working as a server is something that not everyone has done. Many people refuse to work in hospitality because they have heard horror stories, and others just simply are not interested. I have been a waitress since I was 16 years old!!!!! It has been a long six years, but it has taught me so much. So, I have decided to make a quick little list about what it is like to be a waitress!

  • Prepare to be talked down to

I don’t really know why this happens, but people will talk to you like you are literal garbage. Not like good garbage either, I’m talking garbage that is in a pile on the side of the street in NYC. People are really mean and sometimes will not even look at you when you are speaking to them. I’ll never forget one time I had a 10 table section and was slammed, it took me about ehhh maybe three minutes to walk up to this table and the second I got there the customer cussed me out and called me a POS and just went off. His wife freaked out on him, and then my manager came to my rescue and made him leave. So weird!

  • Prepare for everything to be your fault

When it comes to people who have never worked in hospitality, many of them do not realize that not everything that happens in the restaurant is not your fault. People will blame you if their food is taking a while to come out, and even if the food comes out wrong (when you rang it in right) customers will always believe it is your fault and you will always take the heat. It is kind of just something that you will get used to but it is still as frustrating every time.

  • You will make friends with your tables

Something that I love about serving is a) you meet so many people and b) more often than not you will befriend your tables. I have people that come in and request for me to serve them all because we became friends while I was serving them, and I have even added people on Instagram and Snapchat and still communicate with them all from meeting them while I was serving them.

  • Some days are harder than others

With all jobs come bad days and days where you really do not want to work. The things about being a server is that you HAVE to constantly interact with guests for your entire shift. You have to put a smile on and try to leave your problems outside of the door, and sometimes it is really hard. Your vibes can really make or break your shift. If your tables can tell that you are in a weird or bad mood it can affect them negatively and leave a bad taste of the restaurant in their mouth.


Listen when I tell you this!!! Do not do it. Always go into each and every table with an open mind. Do not judge a person by the way they look, and do not make any assumptions about a person based on their physical appearance either. I have had people with a black card tip me 5% and I have had people that are paying in change tip me 50%. Never assume and never judge because you can make a huge mistake by doing that.

  • Serving is actually really fun

Sure, serving pays my bills and I love it, but I also could not see myself doing any other kind of job (unless the pay was right) right now. You are constantly meeting people, talking the entire time, joking around, and just overall having a good time. Some days I complain a it more about my job, but at the end of the day I would not trade it for the world. Being a server really is a lifestyle in my opinion.

So there you have it, my little list of what it is like to be a server. To every job there are pros and cons, I personally think that the pros of serving outweigh the cons. Are any of you guys server? If so, do you have the same experiences?


Would You Rather?


quesI have always loved the game “Would You Rather?” so it is only fitting that I make an entire log post dedicated to playing the game. Let me know what you would choose for the questions!


I think I would rather experience the beginning of planet Earth. The end would be so scary.


Def let her win but she has to sign a contract that gives me $100,000. Hheheheheh.


OooOoOoO I think I would rather have free coffee. Wi-Fi would be nice but I literally could not function without coffee.


OMG, I don’t know!!!! Can I vote neither?? Ok… I guess I would pick.. ummmm… when. Because then I could just live my life however I wanted to knowing that I would die on a certain date.


Defitley always know that someone is lying. I really do not know why you would want to lie, but being able to tell when someone is lying would e the best.


Giraffe neck definitely.


Oh, stinky armpit for sure, Just spit out the taste right afterwards. If I have to chew a toenail…. I would.. die.


Love them gun sounds!!!!!!!


I don’t like soda so this one is easy!


Get up at dawn.

My Opinion Of Places I Have Traveled



I have traveled quite a bit in the last three years, so I figured I would share my opinion on each place I have been!

New Orleans

As you all already know, I am obsessed with Nola. I will not bore you again with my love for the city, instead I will give you some feedback of it. New Orleans is very fun and energetic. Everyone in the city has a very comforting and warm vibe to them. Every time I have gone it has been nothing but fun. It is very southern and very homey. The food is obviously very Cajun based, with dishes like red beans and rice, shrimp poboys, and gumbo. The drinks are pretty sugary and you will definitely be hungover (ask Sierra), however the prices are extremely reasonable. One hand grenade (look it up) is $10 but it will mess you up very quickly. The food is really cheap too, but stay away from Magazine Street (minus Joey K’s) if you are on a budget. I would definitely live here. 10/10 would always recommend New Orleans!

The Bahamas

So, I was only there for about one day since I was on a cruise, but the town? city? I don’t really know what they are considered, were really cool. They are very touristy around the parts that I went to. The streets were filled with designer stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and other random high end stores because there are no taxes on the island. I ende dup going to Senor Frogs (waddup 18 year old drinking age) and then went and laid out on the beach for a few hours. 7/10 would recommend, only because I did not see much.

Washington D.C.

Eh, I was pretty underwhelmed in D.C.. I was not 21 yet when I went, so I am sure that had something to do with my opinion. I found it to be so extremely expensive. The city was really cool, but it was honestly not city-like enough for me. It was really spread out, and although there is a subway system, I just did not find it to be all that great. There is lots of history and museums, so that was good. I think that I maybe just went at the wrong time of year (February). I do not think I could see myself living here. 7/10.


OMG, Denver was incredible. The city is so cool. It is very metropolitan and all of the buildings looks so interesting. The food was nothing to write home about. Lots of chains and everything was pretty dang expensive. There were a ton of breweries, though. What is really cool about Denver is that right outside of the city are insane mountains. Public trans is something that is very popular and easy to use there, so we took  bus to Boulder for four dollars round trip and another bus up the mountains for three dollars both ways. We were able to explore this city on the mountain called Nederland, and met some awesome people and see some unforgettable sights. It was definitely a pricey trip. I think I spent about $500 all together while there, not including my plane ticket, but I would 100% recommend you go if you have the money. I could see myself living here, but like when I have a family. Would not want to live here as a young adult. 10/10.


Where do I even start with Boston. How about I start with the obvious, it is an INCREDIBLE city. I had never been up north before this trip and I was pleasantly surprised. The people were very nice and the atmosphere was also amazing. There is so much history to the city, and being that history is my favorite subject, I thrived. There are graveyards everywhere, and so many crazy things happened in that city so it was really cool getting to see things in person. Boston Common is super beautiful and also filled with history (look up The Great Elm, your mind will be blown). The food was so good but sadly so expensive. It is a walking city, though, so you can either fork out the money to Uber, or just get around on your feet. I would move here in a heart beat. 10/10 would recommend, but make sure you have money.


This goes hand i hand with Boston because we went here on the same trip. Salem is incredible if you love history. Home of the famous Salem Witch Trials, you will find so much history and facts throughout the city. There is a witch museum that is really cool, lords of graveyards, and you can even (kind of) go to the spot that researchers discovered was the actual location that the trials took place (it is behind the Walgreens on Boston Street). If you want to be spooked, stay at the Hawthorne Hotel, it is haunted as hell and terrifying. I did not sleep at all that night. The city is also a walking city, so Thomas and I walked from the Wharf back to our hotel about eight blocks away at three in the morning and were fine. 10/10 would recommend.


“Chicagoooooo, Chicaaaoooooooooo”. I really liked Chicago! Would I live there? Probably not. Sort of similar to D.C., Chicago is extremely spread out. It is a huge city, but not in a New York City where everything is blocks from each other kind of huge, more like a 45 minutes to the other side of the city by car huge. The food was pretty good, especially Eataly, and it was not a very expensive city, so that was also a plus. We went in December, so it was FREEZING. We did walk around a lot, but never took public trans because we are just too inexperienced for that and would totally have ended up in the wrong part of Chi town. There were lots of museums and really cool bars. I think my biggest gripe with the city was how spread out it was. You really could not walk from point A to point B comfortably. I would maybe live here.  8/10 would recommend.


How Life Has Been Since High School



I graduated from Avon Park High School in May 2014. In one day it is going to be four years since I have graduated and figured I would do a little reflection post on how my life has been post high school grad.

When I graduated from high school I was extremely confused about what my next educational step would be. I totally last minute applied to Florida Gulf Coast University in April (I am the actual worst), and was sadly wait listed until the following spring semester. I ended up going to South Florida State College in August and surprisingly did not hate it. I was working basically full time at Chili’s as a waitress, but all of my best friends moved away 😦 So I felt super alone and would spend my days binge watching Gossip Girl and would go to Tampa on the weekends.

I decided to move to Tampa in May 2015 and transferred to the Chili’s over here (big mistake). I moved here to be closer to Maddie and Sierra because I was literally dying without them. I had the best summer of my LIFE. I was finally independent, could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, and was truly living my best life. In August, I started school again but this time I was at Hillsborough Community College majoring in nursing (ok Kristyn). Being that rent was $650 a month, plus $146 car payment, all on top of paying for my own college myself with no financial aid or scholarships, things got really rocky really quick. Spring semester I could not afford to take more than one class and I ended up changing my major to mass communications. For the next year I would only take one class a semester,  I switched jobs a couple of times, and I moved three times within that first year.

In May 2016 I quit Chili’s. I was jobless for a month, and then started working at Ulta. I also started my Youtube channel in March. Ulta was not paying the bills at all, so I started working at a country club. Then FINALLY I started working at my current job. I started as a waitress and then was promoted to a manager??? I have no idea how that happened. I was still only taking one class a semester, but was finally financially stable again and was able to travel to so  many places like Washington D.C., Boston, Denver, New Orleans, and the Bahamas.

FINALLY, in August 2017 I was able to start going to school full time again!!!!!! Best thing that has ever happened to me. I also moved once again, making this four times in two years. I was working two-three days a week, taking five classes, and going to about three manager meetings a week. It was brutal. I ended up stepping down from managing and stuck to serving. I got my nose pierced and chopped my hair off in October. Classes were going great and I finally felt like I had some sense of worth again. At the end of the semester I went to Chicago and had an awesome time.

In January 2018 I went back into school full time, except I took six classes. I had to go down to working one day a week, sometimes two, and life became crazy. I had a really great semester and am truly so happy with the way things are going right now. I got into the University of South Florida and will be starting in TWO WEEKS!!!! This is a very bittersweet moment for me, but I am so proud of myself. I copped my hair off even shorter in January and got my first tattoo in April. Sometimes when others around you are off doing bigger and better things it is really easy to be hard on yourself and mad at where you are. I have realized that everyone is on their own journey at their own pace, and there is nothing to be ashamed of about where you are at in life.


Time Flies When You Are Busy AF



Okay, I do not know what it is about this semester, but holy eff did this semester fly by. I mean I genuinely do not know where the time has gone. Nearly five months ago I was nervously walking through the streets of Ybor trying to find campus and now I can navigate my way through the entire little city with no questions asked. This was by far my favorite semester at HCC. I learned SO much about journalism, mass communications, public relations, and myself. I made some great friends. I also started to really appreciate Tampa as a city, which is something I really did struggle with up until this semester.

I always get really emotional when things come to an end. For example, when I was 17 years old and putting my two weeks in at Bob Evans, I SOBBED in front of my managers because change is something that I have always had a hard time dealing with. Do not get me wrong, I love change, I feel as if that is when I thrive the most. However, I find many changes in life to be very bittersweet, and the end of the semester is a very bittersweet time for me. Like I mentioned earlier, this has been my favorite semester at HCC throughout the three years I have been there. I made so many friends and found so many awesome places in Ybor. I know this sounds corny but I really found myself this semester in many ways.

*I need to chill I am going off on such a tangent right now*

With all of that said, I was SO busy this semester. Six classes is NO joke. I went from working three days a week to one, barely had any time for my friends, and would spend about six hours daily coped up in my room writing stories and doing logic homework. This semester really kicked my butt, but wow, I am so proud to be HCC alumni and am going to miss this school/this semester so much.


Rest In Peace Rom-Coms?

The Newsy.com video that I have decided to write about is “Most Women Don’t Seem To Be In Love With Romance Flicks — Here’s Why”. I chose to write about the certain topic because I almost completely disagree with the article. I am a girl who loves to cry and eat a lot of food to a sweet rom-com, so what? With that being said, I do love women empowering movies like the article speaks about, so that is basically he only aspect of the article that I do agree with. Of course I love other movie genres like war movies and comedies, but I have always been a sucker for a good romance movie and I know that there are others that totally agree with me.

My intro paragraph:

“A Walk To Remember”, “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days”, and “The Notebook” are just some examples of romance films that are loved by women everywhere, or are they? According to a recent study of over 3,000 women, only nine percent of women preference romance/romantic comedy movies to all other genres of movies. You might love romance movies, or you might hate them, but I happen to be in the nine percent of women who absolutely love them and do not think they are going anywhere.

(This is a really bad intro I honestly will most likely rewrite the entire thing :P)


Newsy- New, Informative, Easy


When exploring http://newsy.com I found the site to be extremely well organized and easy to navigate. For starters, everything is categorized by the type of news it is, whether it be politics, U.S. news, science/health, or even tech. The site is clearly very up to date and has very good credentials when it comes to the posts.

I was intrigued by three different videos: Uber Reportedly Disabled Volvo’s Safety System Before Fatal Crash, Report: Kim Jong-Un Makes Surprise Trip To China, and Wisconsin Students Are Marching Toward Paul Ryan’s Hometown. The thing that stood out to me the most when watching these videos, was how there was an exact word for word transcript underneath each video. I found this helpful because I am a very visual person, so when I can read the transcript while listening to the video, it helps me retain the information much easier.

Another interesting thing about http://newsy.com is that you can actually watch Newsy on television! If you type in your zip code, the site will show you if your television providers offer their station. I think Newsy is a very informative and helpful site.